How to Curve Text in Procreate [3 Ways]

How to Curve Text in Procreate

Hello, Designer! Recently, I started a Procreate series on our website. I provide easy guides for all types of Procreate tutorials, which help beginners understand easily and become pros in their digital drawing.

If you’re planning to design ad posters, thumbnail designs, or any other digital artworks, then adding text can elevate your artworks to the next level. But did you know you can also curve text in Procreate? While there isn’t a direct tool to make curved text in Procreate, don’t worry. I’ll guide you and share three methods that can help you curve text in Procreate.

The first method is the easiest, and the last one is a bit tough but can make a perfect curve and styles according to your needs and design.

1. Curve Text in Procreate Using Liquify Tool

The first method to curve text is using the Liquify Tools. This is a very basic and simple method and it’s helpful when you need to apply a curve in a very small amount.

However, using this method, you can no longer edit your text because it converts the text into rasterised and makes a layer. So please design your text and font styles before applying the curve effect.

Now, follow the steps below one-by-one on your Procreate app on your iPad.

  • Select your text layer in the Procreate canvas where you want to add a curve effect.
Add Text in Procreate by iGeekBuzz IMG 4
  • After that, tap on the Magic Wand options at the top left corner, and click on the “Liquify” options.
Tap on the Liquify option in Procreate
  • Now tap on the “Push” options and adjust your brush size to apply the curve effect.
Tap on the Push in Procreate
  • Now push your text using Apple Pencil in an upward and downward direction to apply the curve effect.
Push Text to curve in procreate

Using this method, you might not get the perfect curve shapes. It’s possible your text size changes from the corner and middle due to the changing pixel. To get a perfect curve, follow the other methods below.

2. Curve Text in Procreate Using Wrap Tool

With the help of the Warp Tool, you can adjust your shape more accurately compared to the Liquify tools. This wrap tool is useful when you need to change the curve text in different orientations, put it outside and inside of the circle curvatures. But it’s somewhat complicated and you need to understand the perspective of the drawing and your artworks. It’s also helpful to apply text effects on roads, walls, and some other angles. (Check below some samples)

Perspective Text in Procreate
  • First, add text on your Procreate canvas and tap on the text layer, and choose the “Rasterise” options.
Tap on the Rasterise Text option in procreate
  • Now create a new layer and draw a curve shape to get a reference idea and put the text center of this curve. (This curve line is helpful to understand our curve direction and make it perfectly align with our artworks)
Draw line in new layer for curve text in procreate
  • Now, tap on the Transform button > Choose Wrap Options > And select Advanced Mesh to change our text into a curve shape.
Tap on the Advanced Mesh under Wrap in Procreate
  • Now, one-by-one put all the dots under your curve lines, and adjust your text continuously when you are satisfied with your result.
Curve Text using Wrap in Procreate
  • To change the perspective angle, you can also modify the text into Page Curl styles for 3D effects.
Change Curve styles according to your styles in procreate

However, this method is somehow complicated and needs more time if you are not familiar with how to adjust the perspective angle and wrap the layer according to your drawing.

3. Curve Text in Procreate Using Manual Method

Last but not least, if your drawing is too complicated and none of the above methods can help to make curved text in Procreate, then this manual method can help you. This method takes some time, but it’s worth it to change your text shape perfectly. I personally use this method to complete all my freelancing projects, and now with a lot of experience, it takes very little time for me. So let’s see how to do this:

  • Firstly, create a new layer below the texts and draw your curve outline for reference purposes.
Make a shape for create curve text in procreate
  • Now tap on the selection tools, choose Freehand, and draw precisely to select one individual text using Apple Pencil. Make sure you select one letter at a time for more accurate results.
Select Freehand tools in procreate
  • Now tap on the “Transform” tool about the left corner, and move your one letter, change the angle according to your curve shape. (It’s very easy, just try it yourself.)
Change Text position for curve shape on Procreate
  • Now repeat the same steps again and again until all your text fits the curve shape. (Don’t forget to maintain the perfect gap and height between each letter)
Make Curve Text in Procreate

I know this method is time-consuming and boring, but you can thank me later because your text is now fully converted into a curve shape and gives a charming look to your Procreate projects. This method is one of the ways to change your text into any complicated shapes and designs.

That’s it, finally, your text is now fully curved in the Procreate canvas and you can experiment with different angles, styles, and modify it with your imaginations. If you like this tutorial, make sure to check out some of our other Procreate tutorials such as How to Add Fonts to Procreate.

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